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 Hello everyone,

      At last we have received the second printing of our cookbook "Cheese Chalet's Favorite Recipes," and we are anxious to get them into the hands of those who want them.  If you do want one or more, here's what you need to do next: 
Make payment.  As soon as we receive that, we will send your book(s) to you.  Please don't take it personally and think that we don't trust you to send the money or we won't send the books.  We are trying to proceed in a very orderly fashion because of the considerable number of books involved, so we must follow the same procedure for everyone.  Not even our son or our daughter will get their books until they are paid for!
Now, there are three ways this can be done:
  1. If you live close to us and would like to pick up your book(s) in person at our house, thus saving the shipping charge, we can arrange for that. 
We live in Pike Creek on Gregg Drive, about 0.3 mile from our (ex-)store.
Give us a call after 11 a.m. at (302) 584-6185 and I'll give you the address and set a time.  We can mask up, meet at the door and maybe spend a few minutes reminiscing while sitting distanced on our front porch.  The cost is  $18 per book.
  1. You can make a deposit to Cheese Chalet's venmo account, if you know how to do that.  The cost would then be $18 each plus $4 per book for shipping.  In this case you must send an email to:
              This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  
to let us know you are depositing.  MAKE SURE WE KNOW YOUR MAILING ADDRESS if you aren't sure that we already have that information.  We'll get your book(s) right out to you.
  1. You can send us a check made out to Cheese Chalet for $18 + $4 shipping for each book to 
                          Henry Huffman
                          132 Gregg Drive
                          Wilmington, DE 19808
If your mailing address does not appear on the check, make sure you include that info.
Feedback on the first printing has been very positive, so we look forward to getting these books to you. 
               Best wishes for good health,
P.S.  In an effort to make sure we've reached everyone we can about this, we will send one more email from our master email list to try to reach those who might be interested but who have not yet told us.  If you receive this it is possible you will receive the other as well, and if so we hope you will please excuse the duplication.

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