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Our List of Fine Cheeses PDF Print E-mail

Our Own Cheese Spreads

     Horseradish Mustard Spread 5.00/8oz.

     Cheese Chalet Cheddar Spread ( Cheddar, Walnuts, Bacon, Scallions)
            6.00/8 oz.

    Olive Spread 5.00/8 oz. 

Bulk Cheeses


     Double-cream Brie Couronne or d'Amir  9.95/lb. 

     St. André Triple Cream 19.99/lb. 

     Chèvre (goat's-milk) 14.99/lb.

     Comté (French Gruyère) 15.99/lb.

     Morbier  13.25/lb  

     Roquefort  19.99/lb.

     Le Roulé  Garlic and Herb spread  17.99/lb.

     Le Roulé with Cranberries  19.99/lb.

     Raclette   13.25/lb.  

     French Emmenthal (Swiss) 9.99/lb.  


     Blue Castello Triple Cream  17.99/lb.

     Creamy Havarti  9.99/lb.

     Danish Blue  9.99/lb.


     Parmesan Reggiano  19.99/lb.

     Gorgonzola Dolce  13.50/lb.

     Fontal (Italian Fontina) 11.50/lb. 


     Stilton  16.99/lb. 

     Huntsman (layered Double Gloucester and Stilton)  15.99/lb.  

     Wensleydale with Cranberries  17.99/lb. 

     Barber's "1833" Aged Farmhouse Cheddar 15.99/lb.


     Gouda  8.99/lb.

     Smoked Gouda (processed cheese)  8.99/lb.

     Prima Donna Aged Gouda 17.99/lb. 


     Manchego (sheep's-milk), 3-month 14.99/lb. 

     Drunken Goat 19.99/lb.   

United States  .

     Tillamook Extra-Sharp Cheddar  (Oregon)  9.99/lb.

     Extra-aged Asiago  9.99/lb.  

     Cream Cheese  4.29/lb.

     Port Wine Cheddar Spread  8.99/lb.

     Hot Horseradish Cheddar Spread  8.99/lb.

     Cabot Vermont Jalapeño Jack  6.99/lb. 


     Feta (domestic, cow's-milk)  9.95/lb.

     Jarlsberg  (Norway)  9.99/lb.

     Old Québec Super-sharp Vintage Canadian Cheddar  19.99/lb.                   

  Prepackaged Cheeses

    BellaVitano Balsamic  6.75/5.3 oz 

    French Double-cream Brie  21.99/2.2 lb.

    Swiss Fondue Mix $8.99/14oz    

    Halloumi (grilling cheese from Cyprus)  8.99/8.8 oz.

     Norwegian Gjetost  8.80/8.8 oz.

     Mascarpone  6.25/8.8 oz.

     Apple-Smoked Gouda 5.99/8 oz.















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