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June 28, 2016


Wild Garden Hummus Dips  10.74 oz. jars,  $3.50

            Fire-roasted Red Pepper


            Sun-dried Tomato with Olive Oiol

            Roasted Garlic

Maple Grove Farms of Vermont sugar-free salad dressings  8 oz.,  $2.89


            Balsamic Vinaigrette

            Raspberry Vinaigrette

Hearts of Palm   drained weight 7.8 oz. $3.50

Orange Blossom or Clover Honey 16 oz.  $6.75

Finn Crisp Thin Crispbread  6.7 oz. – 7 oz. $4.69


            5 Wholegrains

Unió Spanish Wine Vinegars (from Barcelona)  17 oz.

            Chardonnay  $7.25

            Cabernet Sauvignon  $6.89

March 22, 2016

Cabot cheddars in 7-oz. bars, $4.99 each, with some descriptions from the packages:

Alpine Cheddar— :nutty and smooth, hints of Swiss and Parmesan"

White Oak Cheddar— "oaky and buttery"

Farmhouse Reserve Cheddar— "bold and creamy; extra sharp with a bite"

Cabot cheddars in 8-oz. bars, $4.99 each:

Horseradish cheddar

Seriously Sharp White Cheddar

Dalmatia Olive Spreads

You may be familiar with our Dalmatia Fig Spread, which is one of our very best-selling items off our shelves.  The same company offers a green olive spread and a black olive tapenade.  The green one nicely complements grilled bread, cheeses, meats, or roasted vegetables.  Try the black olive tapenade on grilled bread with fresh tomato and olive oil.













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