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New cheeses:

German Brie with Garlic and Herbs $12.99/lb.

Grill Meister Grilling Cheese 3.2oz., $3.59.  Vegetarian (no animal rennet) and lactose-free.  This cheese is grilled, and does not melt.  Great addition to salads.

Bavarian Limburger $6.99 for 6.35 oz.

Italian Caciotta al Tartufo (cow and sheep-milk cheese with truffles) $14.99/lb.

Joey's Black and White Cookies  $2.00 each


Blu di Moncenisio -- a creamy blue with a pronounced flavor, from the Italian mountains near France.  $16.99/lb.

Buffalo-milk Taleggio -- a soft creamy cheese with a delightfully moldy rind.  This one is made from buffalo milk.  $15.99/lb.

Fine Cheese Co. (Bath, England) Olive Oil Crackers  5.3 oz., $4.99

Effie's All-natural Oatcakes ("a biscuit for tea . . . a cracker with cheese . . . a cookie as a light and tasty snack").  We consider oatcakes one of the great substances on Earth.  Give these a try!  7.2 oz.  $6.25






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