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Newsletter Item  [ back ]
Date: 2020-04-14 21:10:10

Hello to Everyone!

All of us at Cheese Chalet hope this finds you safe.  It is very difficult for us to sit at home, unable to open our doors for business.  Technically we could be open, but all but two of our employees indicated they could no longer work for the time being, and business was so dismal towards the end that we could not remain open.
As to what the future holds, we still can't say.  It depends on how soon things improve. whether everyone goes back to work, to shop, to circulate.  If it is not quite soon, there will probably be no more 44-year-old Cheese Chalet.

We very much miss seeing all of our regulars, as well as our "irregulars," for that matter.  We wish things could get back to the way they were.

We would definitely like to hear from anyone who might care to drop us an email.  Tell us how you are doing.  Tell us what you like about what we have been doing, or if there is something you would like to see us do, or could do better,  tell us that, too.  (We know we should have a better stock of cheeses and items on our shelves, but that will be difficult at first if we come back).  We'll have to concentrate full powers on our take-out food, which is 90% of our business.  So if there is anything in that department that you feel you'd like to mention, please do -- we'd be glad to hear.  You can use our personal email address, which is:

Let's all hang in as best we can.  There will be an end to it.  

Best wishes and thanks to all.

Henry and Carol Huffman

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